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Now that you have completed your training, and would like to get your professional career as a court reporter going, it's worthwhile to have a list of useful success tips to live by from now on.

Read on below to find out how you can make the transition from student to worker, smooth and successful.

Get The Necessities

As a court reporter, you will need to have the necessary equipment in hand before you can start offering your services to would-be clients. In this day and age you will need a stenotype machine; especially if you intend to work freelance. You will also need to have a capable notebook computer as well. Lastly, you will need to have the right software installed on your machine. Most employers like will get you all the equipment you need.

Be sure to find a reliable and comfortable carry bag, preferably a wheelie, to help you conveniently carry all your equipment.

Punctuality Is Vital

As a court reporter working in the legal field, it is vital that you observe punctuality at all times. Arriving late for court sessions or depositions will lead to problems with your client or employer, at the least.

Take the time to properly plan your day before it starts. Plan how you will get to the specified venue on time, considering factors such as traffic delays. It is recommended that you arrive at the venue as early as possible so that you can set up properly, and acquaint yourself with the surroundings before the reporting session starts.

Dress Code

It is easy to get confused on what is considered professional, about your dress code, in this day and age. Be sure to wear an appropriate suit when going to work; however, remember not to overdress, after all this is your workplace. As a court reporter, you want to portray your most professional look every time you go to work in an official setting.

Stay On Your Toes

To perfect your court reporting skills and advance your career with time, it is recommended that you continue practicing and taking tests, or risk stagnating. If you want to make it to the highest echelons of this line of work, it is important that you continue improving your credentials by attaining higher certifications.

Additionally, as a court reporter, it is vital that you stay appraised on a wide variety of topics and current events as well. This is because all this information will make its way into one of your many assignments, from time to time.

To raise your chances of becoming a successful court reporter, you will need to practice the above.
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March 9