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If your organization is about to face a court trial, the strength of the case will be initially predicted by the quality of the witness depositions.  Regardless of whether your case is a workplace injury lawsuit or a breach of contract, the organization must present with effective depositions to be successful.  To increase the quality of depositions, it is recommended that you hire an efficient court reporter.  This article will provide information on the factors to consider when choosing the best court reporting service.

1. The Technology Used

The legal profession is one of the oldest professions in the world and can sometimes be perceived as quite antiquated.  The traditional perception of an ideal legal professional focuses on the attorney's abilities in the court; however, the advancement of technology is increasing the implementation of technological mediums in the legal industry.  

With regards to court reporting, there are two basic technological services that can be used.  The first is interactive real-time reporting, and this allows company officials to follow the case as it happens in real-time.  Wireless internet access, the second alternative, is beneficial in that it allows online access to deposition records which is time-saving.  Nowadays, instead of handling paper transcripts, it is possible for officials to review depositions using technology.

2. The Reporter Selection Procedure

There are various factors that separate high-quality reporting services from mediocre court reporting services; these include experience, the level of training, and overall personal performance.  The best court reporting services offer only experienced reporters to their clients.  While new reporters may not be as talented as the experienced reporters, their talent is difficult to determine without a work history.

In addition to experience, the best court reporting services will provide reporters with training allowing them to meet the needs of day's court proceedings.  The training types include expedited delivery, interactive real-time reporting, and video to text synchronization.  When a reporter presents with the correct balance of experience and training, he or she can be considered as having high-quality skills.

3. The Professionalism Of The Court Reporting Service

Depositions are essential for effective court cases; however, the comfort level of a deposition situation can quickly move from pleasant to distressing.  It is essential that the witness feels comfortable with the court reporter for the deposition to be completed effectively.  Of course, it is also vital that the court reporter present with a professional approach that allows them to remain objective during the deposition.
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March 3